About M4V Format

Experience the lightening speed and ease of converting a video to M4V format with Convertfiles.com. Convert from video to M4V in just a few simple steps as follows; upload the video file to be converted. Select M4V as your output file format and click on convert. Wait for a short while and your conversion will be complete. You will have your M4V file ready for download. You may also share a download link of your file to your email if you wish. This is a free and secure process. M4V is a file format developed by Apple. It is similar to MP4 with the main difference being that M4V Fairplay, Appleā€™s DRM protection. Video content that is downloaded from iTunes store is more likely to be of M4V format.


Additional information about M4V file format

File extension .M4V
File category VIDEO
Additional information about The M4V file format was developed by Apple. It is a video container format very similar to MP4 only that M4V files may optionally be protected by DRM copy protection
Additional information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M4V
Useful links http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fileextensions/f/m4vfile.htm
File conversion Convert a file to M4V
Developer Apple
Associated programs VLC Media Player Apple Quick time player Apple Itunes