7Z, 7Z compressed archive file (.7z)


The .7z file format

7z or 7-Zip is a file format or application program that archives files after compressing them. It is open source by design i.e. its source code can be manipulated by members of the public. Although 7-Zip functions with the 7z archive arrangement, it can read and write a number of other archive formats. By supporting numerous data compression methods in this way, 7zip is future proofed and can work with new archiving methods. It can also achieve high rates of compression, thus helping users conserve disk space and quicker transfer of files to other computers. The program can be operated with different types of user interfaces depending on one’s operating system.


.7z technical details

7 zip system has a high compression ratio capability using AES-256 encryption and can handle large file sizes typically around 4GB. It has a 1 Mbps compression speed with a 20 Mbps unzipping capability on a 2 GHZ processor. The unzipping code used takes up 5Kb of space. Multi-faceted archives are supported by 7z, unlike file system permissions (e.g. UNIX or NTFG) are not.


Additional information about 7Z file format

File extension .7Z
File category ARCHIVE
Useful links http://www.winzip.com/lan7z.htm
File conversion Convert a file to 7Z
Developer 7-Zip and Igor Pavlov
Associated programs WinZip, 7Zip,WinRAR