DXF, AutoCAD DXF Drawing Interchange Format (.dxf)


The .dxf file format

DXF- Drawing eXchange Format- is a file extension denoting a graphic image format for use in AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) software. AutoCAD DXF files were created by Autodesk to facilitate use and exchange of data between AutoCAD and other similar software programs, thus making file sharing easier. DFX files inability to support the more advanced CAD elements coupled with decreased popularity of AutoCAD has also led to reduction in the need for these types of formats


.dxf technical details

DXF files are structured in a manner that allows the files to be read by a normal text editor. DXF file is structured in several sections. There is a header which contains file property information, a subsection made up of Classes, Tables, Entities, Blocks and Thumbnail Image section, as well as an End of File caption. DXF has a tagged data feature which means that the tags describe how the data should be interpreted.


Additional information about DXF file format

File extension .DXF
File category DOCUMENT
Useful links http://www.autodesk.com/techpubs/autocad/acadr14/dxf/general_file_structure_al_u05_b.htm
File conversion Convert a DXF file
Developer Autodesk
Associated programs AutoCAD, CorelCAD, Adobe Illustratror, Open Office, PaintShop Pro