EPUB, EPUB Electronic Publication (.epub)


The .epub file format

EPUB is founded on XHTML, XML and CSS. it complements a number of software applications which has increased the popularity of the format. However, there exists a set of rules that must be observed when creating an ePUB file thereby inviting criticism of the format. The format allows DRM – Digital Management Protection to be added to a file.


.epub technical details

Epub is downloadable onto computers, smartphones, tablets, or e-readers and is a free and open software distributed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB, took over from the older Open eBook standard in 2007 to become the most widely supported vendor-independent e-book format that is XML-based. Epub format supports inline raster and vector images, metadata, and CSS styling similar to an HTML web site


Additional information about EPUB file format

File extension .EPUB
File category EBOOK
Useful links http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fileextensions/f/epubfile.htm
File conversion Convert a file to EPUB
Developer International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)
Associated programs Apple iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions, Mobipocket Reader Desktop, Sony Reader