MKV, Matroska Video File (.mkv)


The .mkv file format

MKV is a file format that holds an unlimited number of audio, video, picture and subtitle tracks within the file. It is a convenient video file format because you can fit in the highest amount of data possible. It can easily be flipped and turn all of the separate data tracks


.mkv technical details

MKV is similar to other container formats like MP4 or AVI although people rarely bundle all the tracks within the file when packaging an MKV file. In order to access MKV’s content, one should use a special media playing software because most players do not natively support MKV files.


Additional information about MKV file format

File extension .MKV
File category VIDEO
Useful links
File conversion Convert a file to MKV
Developer Steve Lhomme
Associated programs VLC Media Player