ODP, OpenOffice ODP Presentation (.odp)


The .odp file format

OpenDocument, is a file format used to create spreadsheets, word documents, charts and presentations based on XML programming tool. ODP is popular due to support across multiple application programs including free programs like OpenOffice. Open Document Format is easily portable as it is XML based.


.odp technical details

ODP is an open source software and its files can be manipulated by any program which conforms to the OpenDocument format eg StarOffice or OpenOffice. Although OpenOffice is similar to Microsoft Office file conversion between the two is not always perfect. Sometimes features present in ODP files may not be seen in PPT files, and vice versa especially various animations, transition sounds, print settings and macros, to name a few.


Additional information about ODP file format

File extension .ODP
File category DOCUMENT
Useful links http://whatis.techtarget.com/fileformat/ODP-OpenDocument-Presentation-file
File conversion Convert a file to ODP
Developer Sun Microsystems
Associated programs OpenOffice, Impress, StarOffice, Lotus Symphony, Corel WordPerfect, KOffice