PEF, PEF Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image (.pef)


The .pef file format

These are the PEF RAW file formats associated with Pentax digital cameras. The files comprise metadata containing information about the lens, camera, settings and more. Raw files are the images which are not yet ready for printing, processing, or editing with bitmap graphics editors. The raw file tries to resemble the scene very closely by accurately representing the essential photo features such as light, intensity, and colors present. The camera’s sensor records Raw data images as captured by the camera. PEF contained in the camera memory card can be saved in either an uncompressed or a lossless compressed format.


.pef technical details

PEF images do not undergo any of these procedures and retain a wide color gamut and luminance range. Actually, raw images are pretty close to the real picture in terms of details and colors, because they contain much more information. At the same time, they cannot be printed or operated with a bitmap graphic editor. In other words, it represents exactly what the sensor ‘sees’ and ‘feels’, very much of which is lost in JPEG and TIFF formats.


Additional information about PEF file format

File extension .PEF
File category IMAGE
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File conversion Convert a PEF file
Developer Pentax
Associated programs Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Paint Shop Pro, Lightroom, digiKam, Picasa