VOB, Video Object File (.vob)


The .vob file format

VOB is a known format for storing audio and video streams on DVD discs. It is normally known as DVD Video Object file. The file contains video streaming in MPEG 2 format. Apart from Video and audio, VOB can also contain subtitles, navigation contents and DVD menus multiplexed together into stream form


.vob technical details

VOB is a container file and consists of video, subtitle streams and audio. The Audio can be in various forms with AC3 being the most common while the video stream is in MPEG 2 format.


Additional information about VOB file format

File extension .VOB
File category VIDEO
Useful links http://whatis.techtarget.com/fileformat/VOB-Encrypted-video-and-audio-files-used-on-current-DVD-s-Digital-Video-Disk
File conversion Convert a file to VOB
Developer Apple
Associated programs Adobe Flash Player Web Browser that has Flash Plug in Installed