WMA, Windows Media - Metafile (.wma)


The .wma file format

WMA was developed by the signal processing group at Microsoft. It is part of Windows Media Framework and was first released in 1999 commercially. WMA file creation did not come until Windows Media Player Version 7. The Original WMA file codec was created to be a direct competitor of MP3 and Real Audio formats. It has achieved a great level of adoption as it supports playback on numerous DVD players and play station portable devices


.wma technical details

WMA files are part of advanced systems format container in almost every circumstance. Every WMA file contains an audio track encoded in one of the four mutually distinct codecs; WMA voice, WMA, WMA pro or WMA. WMA is however the most commonly found of the four. It is a lossy codec. It has the ability to encode audio signals sampled up to 48KHZ.


Additional information about WMA file format

File extension .WMA
File category AUDIO
Useful links https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Media_Audio
File conversion Convert a file to WMA
Developer Microsoft
Associated programs MPlayer
Real Player
VlC Media Player
Windows Movie Maker
Windows Media Player