WMV, Windows Media Video File (.wmv)


The .wmv file format

WMV file is a type of video file that usually contains audio. The file can be played on a variety of video players. Some WMV are protected by digital rights management so that users can not make unauthorised copies of files which are purchased online


.wmv technical details

WMV is an abbreviation for Windows Media Player. It is a compressed video file format developed by Microsoft. The file is compressed using windows media player video codec and it is based on Microsoft Advanced System Format


Additional information about WMV file format

File extension .WMV
File category VIDEO
Useful links http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fileextensions/f/wmv-file.htm
File conversion Convert a file to WMV
Developer Microsoft
Associated programs Mplayer Microsoft Windows Media Player Power DVD Video LAN VLC Media Player Real Player