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The .doc file format

Doc is a file extension denoting software used for word processing documents developed by Microsoft. It is a word processor initially used for documentation in plain text format on various operating systems including IBM’s DOS, Mac OS, MS Windows and Unix. Word contains basic desktop publishing capacity and is the most popular word processing program on the market. In the 1990s Microsoft chose the doc extension for their Microsoft Word processing formats under patent. With continued advancement in PC technology the original uses for the extension diminished in importance eventually disappearing from the world of PCs.


.doc technical details

Initially the doc file format comprised mostly formatted text, but with time development of the format has enabled doc files to support multiple embedded objects including charts and tables from other application programs, as well as multimedia namely images, videos and sounds. Doc file extensions enable a word-processed template to be used together with a spreadsheet or database through the mail merge function.


Additional information about DOC file format

File extension .DOC
File category DOCUMENT
Useful links
File conversion Convert a file to DOC
Developer Microsoft Corporation
Associated programs AbiWord, Apple Pages, Star Office, Kword