About TARGZ Format

Convertfiles.com can easily convert archive to TAR.GZ. For an online conversion, please upload archive file, select TAR.GZ as output and click the convert button. The conversion will only take a few seconds and the document will be ready for downloading in TAR.GZ format. Converting from archive files to TAR.GZ format is really simple. Download the file or send a link to your email and download the converted file to your computer. a ZIP file is a format that is used for archiving that supports compression of lossless data.A TAR.GZ file is a standard file format in Unix or Linux for compressing many files into one archive file, usually also called a tarball. These files have a .tar.gz extension and can also be compressed.


Additional information about TARGZ file format

File extension .TARGZ
File category ARCHIVE
Additional information about A tar.gz file extension is a collection of files packed together as a Tape Archive File (TAR) that has been compressed using the Gzip compression application
Additional information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gzip
Useful links https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar_(computing)
File conversion Convert a file to TARGZ
Developer GNU Project
Associated programs eBook for EPOC, STDU Viewer