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Convertfiles provides a robust online file conversion platform designed for seamless and quick transitions between various file formats. Whether it's documents, images, presentations, archives, audio, or video files, Convertfiles caters to all your conversion needs. Supporting over 200 file formats and handling files up to 250 MB, the platform allows users to select the output quality and format for their converted files, offering instant downloads or email delivery. Aside from its convenience, Convertfiles prioritizes security and reliability. Utilizing SSL encryption for data protection and automatically deleting files from the server after 24 hours, it ensures user privacy without the need for software installations or account registrations. Compatible across different browsers, devices, and network connections, Convertfiles ensures a smooth user experience. As the ultimate online file converter, Convertfiles streamlines tasks in minutes. Be it converting a PDF to Word, a JPG to PNG, or an MP4 to MP3, the platform handles a wide range of formats, continuously updating its list to accommodate new conversions. Users can even request additional formats by contacting Convertfiles through their site. Experience the efficiency of Convertfiles firsthand and witness how it simplifies your file conversion process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What files can I convert?

    Please refer to the Supported File Formats section.

  • Files of what size can I convert?

    Up to 250 MB currently. If you'd like to convert larger video files please visit

  • I received a message "An error occurred during conversion of your file". Should I try to
    convert it again?

    No. This message means that there's something wrong with your input file. Trying to convert it
    again, even selecting another output format, makes no sense.

  • How will I get the converted file?

    When conversion is complete, your browser will display a message with a link to download the file.

  • How long will the converted file be available for download?

    We'll keep your file for 1 hour once it's been converted. Please make sure that you get it within
    that period.

  • I've received an error message. What does it mean?

    Because of the variety of file formats, containers, codecs and file attributes used out there, errors could occur with some conversions. If it happens, our support team will correct the error and let you know about the outcome of the conversion process.

  • Can I convert files using links to video-sharing sites such as

    No, we no longer support converting videos from video sharing websites as it is against their terms of use.

  • Are there PDF files that will not convert?

    Yes, those protected by Acrobat security methods will not complete the conversion process.

  • Are there archive files that will not convert?

    Yes, those password-protected will not complete the conversion process.

  • Will it be possible to convert multi-volume archive files?

    No, an archive file must be comprised of a single volume.