About MKA Format

The Convertfiles.com online conversion platform can come in handy when there is a need to make file conversion from audio to MKA. In three easy steps you can have your files complete and ready to use. First of all upload the audio file, choose MKA as the target format required and finally click on the convert button. Wait for the program to run its course. A download link will be automatically generated allowing you to make your immediate download or send it to your email. Privacy of the files that upload is guaranteed based on the safety and security profile of the website. MKA stands for Matroska Audio File that can hold an unlimited number of audio or subtitle tracks inside a single file.


Additional information about MKA file format

File extension .MKA
File category AUDIO
Additional information about MKA file extension is related to Matroska Multimedia Container. MKA files contain only audio data in Matroska container
Additional information http://whatis.techtarget.com/fileformat/MKA-Matroska-audio-file
Useful links http://fileinfo.com/extension/mka
File conversion Convert a file to MKA
Developer www.matroska.org
Associated programs VLC Media Player
KM Player
Microsoft Windows Media player
Media Player Classic
M Player