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Additional information about FLAC file format

File extension .FLAC
File category AUDIO
Additional information about Free Lossless Audio Codec, or FLAC, serves as a widely used audio compression format, renowned for its capacity to store and play digital audio at a remarkably high quality. This codec, designed for both Windows and non-Windows systems, excels in shrinking audio file sizes while maintaining the original sound fidelity. Unlike lossy formats such as MP3, which sacrifice audio data to achieve compression, FLAC employs a lossless algorithm, preserving every bit of the original audio. Consequently, when you convert audio to the FLAC format, you can later decode it, ensuring that it remains indistinguishable from the original in terms of data quality. Audiophiles, music aficionados, and professionals seeking uncompromising audio quality often favor FLAC files due to their impeccable equilibrium between reducing file size and preserving audio fidelity.
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Developer Xiph.Org Foundation
Associated programs Real Player
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Additional information about AU file format

File extension .AU
File category AUDIO
Additional information about AU (Audio Units), primarily used on macOS, offers compatibility with audio editing software and provides high-quality audio playback when converting from FLAC. This unique combination of features positions AU as a valuable format for users within the macOS ecosystem who engage in audio editing and playback. The transition from FLAC to AU not only ensures seamless compatibility with audio editing tools on macOS but also guarantees high-quality audio playback, meeting the standards of audio enthusiasts and professionals. AU's specialized focus on the macOS environment makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a format that aligns with the platform's capabilities, providing a seamless and optimized audio experience for both editing and playback purposes.
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Developer Sun Microsystems
Associated programs Apple QuickTime Player
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Why Convert FLAC to AU with ConvertFiles?

Converting FLAC to AU with ConvertFiles represents a strategic choice to combine the lossless audio quality of FLAC with the compatibility of AU format. Our platform stands out for its expertise in maintaining the essence of FLAC files while adapting them to the AU format, ensuring that the resulting files maintain audio quality and compatibility. ConvertFiles prioritizes the fidelity of your audio, making it the preferred choice for individuals seeking efficiency and excellence in FLAC to AU conversion. Experience the seamless integration of FLAC to AU with ConvertFiles, where lossless meets compatibility with precision and ease.