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Additional information about TXT file format

File extension .TXT
File category DOCUMENT
Additional information about TXT, also known as plain text, can be converted to PDB format, which is often used for document storage and viewing on handheld devices. This conversion process retains the content while ensuring compatibility with various applications that support PDB files. TXT to PDB conversion enhances document management on portable devices, making it a valuable choice for users looking to access their content conveniently on handheld devices.
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File conversion Convert a file to TXT
Developer Microsoft Corporation
Associated programs TextEdit, Notepad, WordPad


Additional information about PDB file format

File extension .PDB
File category DOCUMENT
Additional information about PDB, or Palm Database format, maintains its specialized role as a format tailored for Palm OS devices. When initiating a conversion from TXT to PDB, the resulting document gains the ability to be read on Palm OS devices, ensuring compatibility with this specific platform. PDB's unique compatibility highlights its role in enabling seamless access to documents on devices equipped with Palm OS. Whether you're navigating the realm of mobile document access or targeting a specific audience using Palm OS devices, the conversion to PDB serves as a strategic choice, ensuring that your document remains accessible and readable on the designated platform. The converted PDB document becomes a reliable companion, ready to accompany users in their mobile endeavors and providing a seamless reading experience on Palm OS devices. Whether you're creating content for personal use or a specialized audience, the conversion to PDB ensures that your document aligns with the unique characteristics of Palm OS devices, offering a tailored and optimized reading experience in the palm of your hand.
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File conversion Convert a file to PDB
Developer Palm, Inc
Associated programs Palm Reader, ICE Book Reader

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