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About Ebook

Ebooks are offered in a plethora of formats, each carefully crafted to suit specific devices and the preferences of readers. Well-known ebook formats encompass EPUB, PDF, MOBI, and AZW, with EPUB holding the distinction of being the most widely embraced, thanks to its adaptability across numerous e-reading platforms. Ebooks span a broad array of genres, covering fiction, non-fiction, academic material, self-help resources, and reference materials. This versatility empowers readers to delve into their interests and effortlessly access a vast reservoir of knowledge. Ebooks, the abbreviated form of electronic books, mark a groundbreaking transformation in the world of literature and reading. They act as digital equivalents to traditional printed books, granting readers access to an extensive library of literary works through electronic devices like e-readers, tablets, and smartphones. Ebooks have redefined the reading experience, offering portability, convenience, and an array of features that elevate how we engage with written content.


About PRC Format helps you convert from ebook to PRC instantly with just a few steps to follow; upload the ebook file you want to convert. Select PRC as your output format and click on convert. The conversion process will only take a few seconds to complete. Once complete, download your converted file instantly. You may also share it to your email via a unique download link. This is a secure process and it is totally free. Convert from ebook to PRC file online without having to download any application. PRC is the short form for Product Representation Compact and is a 3D file format that can be used to embed 3D data in a PDF file.


Additional information about PRC file format

File extension .PRC
File category EBOOK
Additional information about File Format PRC files, associated with the Mobipocket e-book format, are tailored for e-book readers, particularly those used on mobile devices. PRC files offer reflowable text, allowing content to adapt to various screen sizes and orientations, making them ideal for reading on smartphones and PDAs. They support features like text highlighting and annotations, enhancing the user's interaction with e-books. PRC files provide a compact and user-centric format for digital reading, ensuring that e-books are optimized for mobile devices. Whether you're enjoying literature on your smartphone or PDA, PRC files offer a portable and reader-friendly medium for e-book creation and consumption.
Additional information about The PRC file format is an eBook format created by Mobipocket and used exclusively for Palm devicesĀ 
Additional information
Useful links
File conversion Convert a file to PRC
Developer Mobipocket
Associated programs Amazon Kindle, Mobipocket Reader Desktop, Apple iBooks

Why Convert Ebook to PRC with ConvertFiles?

Converting ebooks to PRC format is advantageous for users who own Amazon Kindle devices and seek compatibility with the Kindle platform. PRC, the format native to Kindle, ensures ebooks can be effortlessly read and synchronized across various Kindle devices and apps. People might choose PRC conversions when they want to enjoy their ebooks on Kindle devices and take advantage of features like syncing reading progress and accessing their entire library. Additionally, PRC ebooks support features such as adjustable text size, bookmarks, and annotations, making them ideal for readers who desire a tailored reading experience. PRC's compatibility primarily extends to the Amazon Kindle platform, ensuring users can access their ebooks seamlessly on Kindle e-readers and apps. This is valuable for users who own Kindle devices and prefer the integrated Kindle reading experience. is committed to delivering efficient ebook-to-PRC conversions, enabling users to enjoy their ebooks on their Kindle devices with all the conveniences the Kindle platform offers.

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