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    Choose .WMV destination format. We support most video formats.

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Additional information about MKV file format

File extension .MKV
File category VIDEO
Additional information about MKV, serving as a multimedia container format, gains widespread acknowledgment for its compatibility with a variety of media players and editing software. Its distinction lies not only in compatibility but also in its efficiency in compressing both video and audio content for space-effective storage. This dual capability positions MKV as a preferred choice for individuals seeking a versatile solution in the realm of multimedia. Whether employed for personal projects or professional editing tasks, MKV's acknowledgment for compatibility and efficient compression makes it a dependable and flexible format, catering to the diverse needs of multimedia enthusiasts.
Additional information
Useful links
File conversion Convert a file to MKV
Developer Steve Lhomme
Associated programs VLC Media Player


Additional information about WMV file format

File extension .WMV
File category VIDEO
Additional information about WMV, or Windows Media Video, steps into the spotlight as a celebrated video format tailored for Windows-based media players. Known for its seamless compatibility within the Windows environment, WMV ensures that your video playback experience remains cohesive and reliable. Whether you're watching videos on a Windows PC, creating content using Windows applications, or sharing videos within the Windows ecosystem, WMV format stands as a testament to the integration of format and environment. Its celebration within the Windows realm underscores its role in providing users with a streamlined and hassle-free video experience, where compatibility and performance coalesce to create a video playback landscape that mirrors the efficiency and familiarity of the Windows operating system.
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File conversion Convert a file to WMV
Developer Microsoft
Associated programs Mplayer Microsoft Windows Media Player Power DVD Video LAN VLC Media Player Real Player

Why Choose ConvertFiles for MKV to WMV Conversion?

Choosing ConvertFiles for MKV to WMV conversion unfolds a transformation process where visual quality and compatibility harmonize seamlessly. MKV, a format known for its flexibility and support for various video codecs, becomes the focal point of this conversion, transitioning into WMV, a format recognized for its compatibility with Windows-based platforms. ensures that this transition goes beyond a mere change in format, meticulously preserving the visual authenticity of the original MKV content in the resulting WMV files. For those seeking a WMV conversion that reflects precision and quality, ConvertFiles stands as the unrivaled choice, delivering outcomes that meet the highest standards of visual integrity and compatibility.