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More information on CRW, CRW Canon Digital Camera Raw Image (.crw)


The .crw file format

CRW is a file extension denoting one of the various types of files used by Canon cameras to hold raw image files. By virtue of being raw the files are unprocessed containing the maximum information possible as captured by the camera. These images are large and lack programs which capable of supporting them. Highest quality is retained provided the users do not compress the image file into smaller file types. These images can be edited to maintain high quality after production, but sending, uploading, and transmitting the images is unworkable


.crw technical details

After using Microsoft’s Digital image 2006 when handling raw image formats like CRW, other programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, Picasa have taken over making photo editing of CRW file related images a viable option and reducing the need to convert image files into smaller files. Canon raw image files belong to the CIFF (Camera Image File Format) Specifications although they have not been used or updated since 1998. Over time the newer CR2 file format has replaced The CRW file extension. Besides used as raw images, CRW files can serve as a container format to store metadata of JPEG images.


Additional information about CRW file format

File extension .CRW
File category IMAGE
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Developer Canon, CIFF forum
Associated programs Microsoft Windows Photos, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Draw, Google Picasa

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