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The .jpg file format

JPG files are commonly used to transfer photos and images meant for email so as to decrease download and upload time as while saving on bandwidth. By doing so the lossy compression is ever present while maintaining lower the compression rate with a crisper the image


.jpg technical details

Minimal loss of quality is achieved thanks to the lossy compression of JPG images, which is typically set at a ratio of 10:1. JPG/JFIF which is used for storing and sending photos online, and JPG/Exif -used in many digital cameras- are the two main types of JPG images. There is some loss in exact data that arises due to the way JPG files are compressed, and one should be careful not to edit excessively since repeated compression patterns diminish quality progressively. JPG files are best suited to be the final product while loss-free files are best for editing. compression rates to 20:1 are most suited the number of artifacts in the image although compression ratios of 100:1 are achievable but with significant loss in quality.


Additional information about JPG file format

File extension .JPG
File category IMAGE
Useful links
File conversion Convert a file to JPG
Developer Joint Photographic Experts Group
Associated programs Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Suite, Apple Preview, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer, Most web browsers