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More information on M4A, MPEG-4 Audio Layer (.m4a)


The .m4a file format

M4A is a type of audio file developed and pupularised by Apple. Music purchased through iTunes has been in M4a format since 2007. This file is based on the MPEG-4 codec however M4A is comprised solely of audio


.m4a technical details

M4A files are more superior to MP3 in terms of the scale of compression and quality of audio. M4A resides within MPEG-4 container and uses Appleā€™s codec. The file compression in M4A are lossless in that no data is lost and they can be re-converted back to their original format.M4A files do not carry any Digital Rights Management protection associated with other files. This means that they are less restricted.


Additional information about M4A file format

File extension .M4A
File category AUDIO
Useful links http://whatis.techtarget.com/fileformat/M4A-Unprotected-AAC-audio-file
File conversion Convert a file to M4A
Developer Apple
Associated programs Apple Quick Time Player
Windows Media player