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More information on PNG, Portable Network Graphic File (.png)


The .png file format

PNG files are a format that contain bitmapped or raster images. The PNG image format was initially created to succeed the GIF format as they are both capable of displaying transparent backgrounds. Another feature shared by the two is the use of indexed colors and lossless compression. PNG files, however, have the advantage of not having the same copyright limitations. Also, unlike the GIF images, files with PNG extension do not support animation.


.png technical details

PNG files were introduced to make transmission of images over the web simpler. They also have better quality compared to GIF files as they contain an 8-bit transparency channel, while also supporting 24-bit RGB color palettes, RGB images, and greyscale. They however do not support CMYK or other color spaces as they are not meant to be adept graphics


Additional information about PNG file format

File extension .PNG
File category IMAGE
Useful links
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Developer PNG Development Group (donated to W3C)
Associated programs Microsoft Windows Photos, Adobe Photoshop CC, Microsoft Paint