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The .sxw file format

The SXW file format is a word processor developed by StarOffice and is related to the StarOffice suite and Apache OpenOffice. StarOffice is compatible with the XML file format, as well as the OpenDocument standard. It can produce PDF and Flash formats and contains templates, a macro recorder, and a software development kit (SDK). Since 2000 star office was converted into an open source office suite.


.sxw technical details

SXW files are made up of strings of human readable characters in keeping with other text file formats. This makes it possible for words and sentences formed this way using this procedure to be encoded into formats like ASCII rendering them readable by computers. SXW files are capable of containing bitmaps, graphics, and rich text amongst an array of data types and resemble Microsoft Word’s DOCX file format.


Additional information about SXW file format

File extension .SXW
File category DOCUMENT
Useful links
File conversion Convert a file to SXW
Developer Sun Microsystems
Associated programs StarOffice Writer, LibreOffice, OpenOffice Writer