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More information on M4R, MPEG-4 Audio Layer (.m4r)


The .m4r file format

M4R is an iPhone ringtone file format that was created by Apple. Only some of the Music files on iTunes are allowed to be used to generate a M4R ringtone. To create a M4R file the iTunes audio must enable to create a ringtone. If iTunes do not allow creation of M4R file, one cannot create a ringtone from this specific song. Once a M4R file is created, it will be automatically transferred to your iPhone on your next Sync with your personal computer.


.m4r technical details

M4R is an IOS ringtone file format that was created by Apple. It is actually another name to a AAC or M4A. It is also quite similar to MP3 but the audio is more compressed digitally. M4R file enables reducing the data size with a minimum audio quality loss. As a part of the MPEG 4 family its algorithm is not far from MP3 and AAC formats. It is also part of the ISO IEC standard.


Additional information about M4R file format

File extension .M4R
File category AUDIO
Useful links http://www.filesuffix.com/en/extension/m4r
File conversion Convert a file to M4R
Developer Apple
Associated programs Apple iTunes
Apple QuickTime Player

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