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More information on AU, AU Audio File (.au)


The .au file format

The Au file format is a simple audio file format developed by Sun Microsystems. AU file format allows the storage of audio files, typically in three parts: a header with maximum size of 24 bytes, a narrative block with a flexible length, and the audio data itself. this file format is used mainly by Sun or other Unix-based machines, but it can be accessed with various software programs that handle audio files.


.au technical details

The format was typically used on NeXT systems and initial Web pages. In the beginning it was headerless, and simply an 8-bit µ-law-encoded data (native to the SPARCstation 1 hardware) at an 8000 Hz sample rate. More recent files have a header comprising six unsigned 32-bit words, an information chunk that is optional and finally the data – arranged in big endian format.


Additional information about AU file format

File extension .AU
File category AUDIO
Useful links
File conversion Convert a file to AU
Developer Sun Microsystems
Associated programs Apple QuickTime Player
Nullsoft Winamp
RealNetworks RealPlayer Cloud
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Adobe Audition CC